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A newly-built single family home.

Meritage Mission To Our Clients

Our lives are very busy with work and family schedules. It can be hard to dedicate time and effort to other important issues, such as our environment and people in need. We started this company to help ourselves and others make a contribution to an extraordinary effort. It is not just about the home we are buying or selling. It is about putting a new meaning to the transaction. It is about paying it forward and making decisions with our hearts and our family that will affect others in positive and helpful way. We are a Real Estate company with a cause, a mission, a goal, which embodies our clients. Meritage Realty Group is an avenue for our clients to receive knowledge of the market, passion in our efforts, while helping to create sustainability in our community. With this company we have developed an avenue to produce not only success to our clients and to their organization, but also to fulfill our dreams to help our community and the world we live in.

Adam and Dina Skinner

Meritage Realty Group LLC
7 South Dunton Ave
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Phone: 847-368-1188

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